Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Presenting... Bikeless Speed Dating

Want to meet a lovely someone?

Madame Melski is here to help, with her charming version of speed dating.

Driven indoors by the unrelentingly inclement weather, she will bring together some of Bristol's most delightful singles for an intimate evening of relaxed speed dating, laughter, cake and soft lighting. 

When and where? 7.30pm on St Valentine's Day at a secret central Bristol location
How to sign up? Advance booking is essential - book now!
How much? £7 (this might include a few little treats...)
Age range guide: Most people will be in the 30-45 age group but all are welcome.

Let's not get nervous - it's all happy and lovely here and we all look gorgeous. 

Please note this is an indoor dating event, and not Cycle Speed Dating! While bicyclists are always especially encouraged (along with vegetarians, creatives, bakers, gardeners and all round lovelies), their cycles will only be required for subsequent wondrous dates like this:

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