Frequently Asked Questions

How many people might I meet?

We aim for at least 10 each of chaps and ladies. Occasionally someone is foolish enough not to turn up so this isn't guaranteed, but we've always have a good turnout so far. 

What will happen at Love Club?

A lovely and relaxed version of speed dating. Or if you prefer, an indoor version of cycle speed dating. Romance, cakes, laughter and soft lighting. 

When is the next Cycle Speed Dating event?

We'll return in the summer with two wheeled romance once again.

How does cycle speed dating work?

Put simply, it’s speed dating but on bikes. It’s nice to retain a little mystery, no? Oh alright then, you cycle along having a few minutes of chat with a lovely person of the opposite sex. Then you change and cycle along with another lovely person for a few minutes and then change. Et cetera. You complete a form to say who you’d like to be matched with and Madame Melski will let you know your matches and their email addresses before the week is out.

Do I need to bring a bike to cycle speed dating?

Yes! But in the event that your bike is beset by a last minute calamity, still turn up and we will endeavour to find you one.

Is it dangerous?

No, as long as you can cycle competently at a slow pace for up to an hour, your cycle is adequately maintained and you haven’t been too fervently at the sherry then it’s quite safe. However, you need to be able to chat while looking out for pedestrians and other cyclists, and you take part at your own risk.

Where does it happen?

A secret location in central Bristol. It may vary, but will never be more than 5 minutes cycle from the central fountains. You’ll be told the meeting location a day or two before the event.

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